House Groups

Melbourn Baptist Church has a highly active set of House Groups that meet each week throughout the year.

We believe in the vital role and importance that House Groups play in building up a true sense of Christian community, fellowship and in the deepening of relationships across the whole Church family.

The House Groups’ primary aim and focus is to encourage the spiritual growth of our members by focusing upon the following areas of spiritual development:

Prayer & Worship
Developing a loving relationship with God
Bible Study
Learning to understand God’s Word and apply it to our daily living
Understanding one another and developing strong relationships
Being there to help and support practically in times of trouble and need
Developing ministries within the church and in the community
Reaching out with the Gospel to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Our House Groups provide a positive, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for dealing with questions and challenges, whilst helping all to enjoy the benefits of learning and personal growth. Each group offers real friendship and provides opportunities for many social activities that all can enjoy together.

For further information email our House Group Coordinator Brian Orrell:

House Groups

A House Group is there to help you to learn to walk in faith and deepen your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

House Groups

Enjoying Fellowship & Growing in Your Faith. We invite you to join us and experience the warmth of Christian fellowship