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Every month Melbourn Baptist Church Minister, Stuart Clarke gives us a roundup of the latest work and challenges within the Church. This month's article is below.

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August 2016 - Impossible made Possible with Jesus

Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.

Acts 2:2

The Spirit of God found in the scriptures in Hebrew has two names Neshama and Ruach they refer to the breath of God.

  • Neshama talks of quiet, involuntary breathing you hardly notice. Life as existence at rest in tranquility and peace.
  • Ruach refers to the breath of God that is hard, noisy, strong and powerful breathing full of life, movement and vitality. The wind of the Spirit that blows into the lives of those disciples empowered at Pentecost.

It is the Spirit of God that is Ruach that breathes life into all creation, blew the waters apart on the red sea and blows life, vitality, and love into our lives.

When I was on holiday North of the Lake District in the North West of England it was a windy stormy day.

I went out on a run into a turbulent gale force wind on the coast to a lookout point. As I ran into the wind it was noisy, hard to breath and difficult to run. When I got to the lookout point on a wooden plinth looking out to sea it was amazing to stand in the blustery wind.

On the top of this plinth, I turned around into the wind and leant back. The wind holding me in place taking my weight. I then moved forward and started to run. I felt the empowerment of the wind push me along, allowing me to run faster without difficulty.

The power of the wind can remind us that in the storms of life God breathes his Spirit on us empowering us forward. Next month we have a “Ministry for all course”, looking at the movement of the Spirit empowering us forward in using our gifts to build one another up.

It would be great to have as many of us as possible in October to gather on a Wednesday at 8.00.p.m-9.30.p.m to spend time sharing scriptures, experiences and discussion on the use of spiritual gifts to build one another up.

Blessings, Stuart


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